Coconut Flower Honey Vinegar (Honegar)

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Clinical research results

Department of Public Health, Mahidol University

✓ Helps to get less carbohydrates and protein.

✓ Resulting in lower energy consumption

✓ Makes excretion better

Ingredients: Coconut Flower Vinegar, Longan Honey

Usage: Strain or mix with 8 ounces of beverage.


Rich in antioxidants (vitamin C & polyphenols)

Mixed with coconut cider vinegar and longan honey.

It is an inviting flavor to celebrate with friends in various ways.

amino acids from honey

With its wine-like aging innovation, Chivadi Shots are the perfect choice for everyday wellness.

Made up of hearts and souls for the good of society, there is in; manuscript


  • 15 amino acid
  • High methionine1800 mg/ 100 g.
  • Induce collagen synthesis
  • Young skin
  • Digestive and excretion
  • Detox and increasing immunology
  • Induce Sleep
  • Energize
  • NO alcohol
  • Adiabatic friendly
  • No sugar added
  • No color and flavor
  • Natural 100%
  • No preservative
  • Not contain of peanut and wheat flour
  • Made with 70% Organic ingredient


  • On the rock, With soda water, Chilled and Sip, Drink before meal
  • Suitable for mixing drinks, eating before Food to help the digestive system


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Coconut Flower Honey Vinegar (Honegar)