Organic Coconut Sugar

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A pasty texture coconut sugar, traditionally for cooking Thai food with balance sweetness with slightly salty from high potassium. The colour is newly beige to brownish through shelf life storage. Keep refrigerated help prolong its shelf life.


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Usage recommendation

Add as sweetener, and food enhancer to create taste excellence for Thai and other dishes where balance charming taste is naturally created.

Usage occasion : for cooking

Nutritional Facts

Nutrition Facts. Per serving ( 1 table spoon) : serving size 25 ( 500 g) Nutrients per serving : Total energy 70 kilocalories; Total fat 0 g (0%)*; Protein 15 g; Total carbohydrate 18 g ( 6%); Sugar 12 g ; Sodium 6 mg (1%) *percentage of nutrients recommended per day for 6 years old up Thai ( Thai RDI) calculated from energy requirement at 2000 kilocalories

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Organic Coconut Sugar


15*500 G microwavable, freezable pp tub


USDA organic by Bioagricert

Shelf Life

3 months ambient, 12 month chill

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