• Organic Coconut Flower Cider Vinegar

    A fine crystal clear yellowish vinegar from natural fermentation. It is raw and active with live enzyme and metabolites that drives detoxification discharging toxin and metals from body. The vinegar boosts immunity process. A coco tonic from Asian Ancient Wisdom.

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    Organic Coconut Flower Cider Vinegar 250 ml.
    (Product Barcode : 8859079300229)

    Organic Coconut Flower Cider Vinegar 500 ml.
    (Product Barcode : 8859079301920)

    FDA Certified No. : 74-2-00553-2-0018

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  • Pomelo Goji


    A blend that cares for you from a charm of pomelo juice with pleasant tangy with gojiberry. Both fruits are naturally super in nutrients, minerals that help refreshing and rewarding self health awareness. In particular the secret of coconut minerals that help skin nourishment makes the product super special for joy and beauty from within.

  • Passion Mango


    A zesty refreshing taste that energizes me with mango and coconut nectar makes the passion cocktail impressive knowing that the ingredient selection is specially care for skin complexion.

  • Lychee ichi


    A pinkish lovely lychee, white grape and coconut nectar blend is a lovely beauty drink that makes me feel cheerful with the right flavour and never before so enchanting from natural sweetness that balance and really care for my body and health.

  • Pomegranate


    A jewel of Asia, pomegranate is the heaven given fruit together with coconut nectar, there is nothing like so special juice that offer new drinking taste and flavor experience.

  • Coconut Water


    A simply natural coconut water for everyday consumption. It contains good source of potassium and rare minerals like phosphorus, manganese, iron, copper.

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