• Sandy gold coconut flower sugar 100

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    Sandy gold coconut flower sugar 100 50 g.
    (Product Barcode 8859079301479)

    Sandy gold coconut flower sugar 100 200 g.
    (Product Barcode 8859079301424)

    FDA Certified No. : 75-2-00859-6-0008

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  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


    A different virgin coconut oil that has been processed to get rid of all trace amount of water by special cold centrifugation method with extra naturally deodorizing process to achieve consumer’s satisfaction as raw food, smooth and mildest oil deserving for a premium healthy product.

    The typical medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in Chiwadi VCO are at the right molecular sizes to get absorbed directly to liver for burning into energy, therefore, it is not possible for fat deposition. Besides, cold process keeps the best goodness of raw food alive. We can enjoy the living food that help you healthy naturally.

    Net content

    Organic Coconut Virgin Oil 250 ml.
    (Product Barcode : 8859079300434)

    Organic Coconut Virgin Oil 500 ml.
    (Product Barcode : 8859079300373)

    FDA Certified No. : 70-2-01450-2-0049

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