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It is a leader in natural health products, bringing past ecological abundance for the sustainability of the next generation through enjoyable and innovative organic products. We connect technology with ancient wisdom to develop qualified coconut communities, and network with factories to launch coconut flower innovations under global standards management.

Amphawa District, Samut Songkham province is the community that grows the best coconuts in the country for more than 10 years we and the community have jointly researched and developed products from organic coconut flower nectar. This is an extension of the traditional method of producing coconut sugar that the villagers have had for hundreds of years from ancient times to blend with modern culture perfectly with our unwavering determination to make healthy and truly organic products, formulas and production methods have to be adapted time again in order to bring out the best for consumers.

The philosophy of sufficiency economy consists of many sectors

Sarapee Yuadyong

The Founder of Chiwadi

what makes our products the best for you

2022 The winner: The Pitching Season 2 ( IP, Woody World)

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