2022: The winner, The Pitching Season 2 Woody World YouTube channel by the Intellectual Property Department


Thanks To All Supporters for The Awards

2022 : The winner, The Pitching Season 2. Woody World YouTube channel by Intellectual Property Department.

2021 : The winner, World Coconut Day Videography Competition. International Coconut Community.

2019 : Thailand Organic Innovation Award-1st Runner up, Department of Internal Trade

2019 : Great Taste Award, Anti Additive Association-Organic Dipping Sauce

2017 : 7 Innovation Awards, Social Award, 2nd Runner up-Organic CoconutSeasoning Sauce

2016 : Prime Minister Award, Best Green Innovation-Organic Nectegar

2015 : Gold Medal and Special Award, World Invention Innovation Contest-Coconut Sugar Sandy Gold                                                                   

2019: The winner. A.A.Taste Awards ( Hong Kong)

2019: First Run Up, Thailand's Organic Innovation Award.

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