Chiwadi Journey

Year 2011

Registered company. Research on the low glycemic index has begun.

Year 2014

Community network established. 5 Innovation and Enterprise Awards

Year 2017

Brilliant jewel to enlarge. 9 Innovation Trophies awarded. 4 registered intellectual properties.

Year 2020

Factory configured with global standards. Catering specialty products for B2B. Clinical study on coconut blossom vinegar

Year 2022

Growth through healthy retail products both B2C and B2B. Sparkling passion continues to surprise smart farming and product innovations.

Chiwadi's Team

The Chiwadi team grows from what we have at that time to create the best we can. As an SME, we train villagers to understand harvesting on the farm. And they grow into capable employees and leaders in Chiwadi. We appreciate what we have and emphasize the value and joy of working together. We believe that happiness is the end in everyone’s heart. Then, we set the organization to be lean and simple to open up to new ideas. Mistakes as we grow from our insights and challenge our abilities. Here we provide a space for minorities to shine as we respect social differences. We learn and adapt each operational unit to be reliable and continue to evolve where we find gaps. We build physical teamwork to achieve higher goals of development. But happiness is the main goal we achieve. we share what we have Through hardships, limitations, achievements, rewards, and recognition. We love what we do while our actions unfold. Create a sustainable happy life and an abundant environment.


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