Here is the Chiwadi Harvesting Processing.

1. Blanch nectar container at 90 c for 15 seconds and leave to drain completely.
2. Add 3‐4 g of Shorea wood chips (Shorea roxburghii G. Don) or Iron wood or Resak tembage into the container.

Collection of Coconut flower nectar : twice a day ( 6‐9 am and 4‐6 pm)

3. Carry the container added with the wood chips up the coconut tree.
4. Trim off the coconut flower surface with a clean knife
5. Collect the filled container and replace with the new container
6. Filter the wood chip off and load the nectar (13‐16 brix) to a bigger container or load to boil at a conventional stove


For morning nectar collection : 6-9am
7. After filtering, bring the nectar to evaporate naturally.
For evening nectar collection : 4-6pm
8. After filter the nectar and the wood chips, bring the collected nectar to boil for 5 minutes. Cover the wok, Leave for overnight.
9. Collect the concentrate nectar to hygienic bag.
10. Transport to the factory

Cider Vinegar Production
1. Load inoculums –Sacharomyces sp to ferment to alcohol (cider)
2. Check alcohol level
3. Inoculate Acetobacter
4. Leave to ferment to mixed organic acids (120-150 days)
5. Filter through micro filter
6. Fill into bottles
7. Labeling & Cartoning

All steps are handled with care to the best quality.

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