• 2010 : National OTOP award for Fish Compost Organic Fertilizer

  • 2011 : National Innovation Food Design Award-Coconut Flower Syrup

  • 2011 : Transforming technology to Research Fund by National Innovation Agency

  • 2011 : Chiwadi Coconut Flower Syrup developed and awarded at national innovation day for Food Design award. The project was funded for further research on effect to diabetics on Glycemic index and implementing organic certificate.

chiwadi - certificate1

  • 2012 : Innovation Coupon award for “ Fruii” by The Federation of Thai Industries.

  • 2012 : Science to Excellence Certificate was awarded by the President, Office of Thai Senate.

  • 2012 : Top Ten Innovative Business Award was awarded from National Innovation Agency.

  • 2012 :   Organic coconut flower syrup is used as sweetener in Fruii ready to drink fruit juice, a US owned brand.
    -   The project is supported to launch by Federation of Thai Industries and National Innovation Agency
    -   Jul 12 invited as guest speaker in 45th Cocotech meeting, Kochi, India by Asia Pacific Coconut Community
    - Received 6th place in the 10th Innovation Contest 2012 - National Innovation Institute Ministry of Science and Technology


chiwadi - certificate2


  • 2013 : USDA certificate granted
  • 2014 : National Innovation Food Design Award-Coconut Sugar Sandy Gold

Bioagri Certification on NOP – USDA Organic rules certify.


Other honors