Coconut Flower?

     Nectar from the coconut flower was concentrate evaporation after that its look like honey that has a sweet taste. Can replace honey in each receipt. Has a specific identified that is a caramel flavor


To be the leader of healthy product form the natural and conserve abundant ecology for the next generation by innovation and organic product


Increasing the natural, elevate life and happiness in community by international standard organization


Amphawa, Samut Songkhram is the best coconut growing community in the country. For more than 5 years, we have been cooperating with the community to research and develop coconut fiber products. This is a continuation of the traditional way of producing coconut sugar for hundreds of years. From ancient to modern and perfectly integrated. With our determination to make our products healthier and more authentic, we have to rewrite formulas and production methods over time to get the best out of our consumers.

Making a difference is the key to our success. We want to change the selection of raw materials in the traditional cooking. Today we have created a new technology. "Sweet nectar from organic coconut flowers" and add to the raw food and many other health drinks. This will make everyone feel the vapor of natural raw materials.

Dreams that want to see the Thai people eat pure sugar. The dream is to push coconut and coconut community in Thailand to develop from the older generation to the new generation firmly and sustainably. This is our intention.

We dream to see the Thai people to have a pure sugar and the dream to push the knowledge of the coconut and coconut community of Thailand trasnfer from the old generation to the new generation. We wish everyone will change the way they eat to be a better healthy

From the ancient processing of
coconut palm sugar. To be the international standard processing for product’s international standard guarantee.


Company was set up

In 2011, Company was set up on 11 Apr 2011 for applying research fund for Glycemic index study of coconut sugar products. Chiwadi coconut flower syrup was selected country best food design innovation, 2nd prize.


International organic standard

International organic standard, NOP granted by Bio agricert.


Product launch

In 2012,  Launched Chiwadi coconut flower syrup, Fruii Fruit Juice.

  • The company was appointed as country SME representative to participate ASEAN-INDIA SME conference, Malaysia
  • The company was invited as a guest speaker in Asian Pacific Coconut Community Conference, Kerela, India.
  • Office of senate awarded Science to Excellence certificate to the company.
  • The company was awarded Top Ten Innovative business award.
  • Fruii was granted innovation coupon.

Chiwadi Product Family


chiwadi-product structer






Mr. Roger
feels great with Chiwadi 's coconut flower syrup and cider.

Mr. Roger

We will support your products which are very good taste and I am sure very healthy. Please get in contact with my office so that this good product will be available in Tops market soonest.

Mr. Pascal Billaud


CEO Tops Super Market